Here’s Another Reason To Like Emerging Markets

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The MSCI Emerging Markets Index was up more than 30 percent year-to-date late last week, outperforming national indices in most developed nations. (Remember, past performance is no indication of future results.) There may be more to like about emerging markets … Read More

“It’s the Hap-Happiest Season of All”

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While holidays don’t make everyone happy, investors should be feeling festive. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is up more than 18 percent year-to-date. The Dow Jones Global ex U.S. Index is up about 21 percent year-to-date (refer to the … Read More

Stocks Have You Scratching Your Head?

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Is it complacency? Exuberance? Uncertainty? Exhaustion? Insight? Intuition? Last week, all three major U.S. stock markets gained value and two reached new record highs. On the face of it, that’s great news for stock investors. However, if you look below … Read More

The Tooth Fairy is Awfully Generous These Days

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Since 1998, an insurance firm has conducted a poll to determine how much swag the tooth fairy or, depending on your country, the magical mouse, elf, brownie, or tooth rat has been leaving behind for children who’ve lost their teeth. … Read More

To Retire with Confidence, Have A Plan

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By Kevin Theissen, Principal and Financial Advisor at Skygate Financial Group LLC If you want to retire with confidence, you need a good plan. As you near retirement age or better yet, decades before retirement age, it is time to … Read More

Burgernomics: A Big Mac Index Update

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The Economist invented the Big Mac index in 1986 as an entertaining way to assess whether currencies were at the “correct” levels. The index reflects the idea that countries’ exchange rates should balance so the same product (in this case, … Read More

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