As New York Fashion Weekend Ended, Inflation Strutted its Stuff

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Ever since the Federal Reserve began raising the Fed funds rate in 2015, analysts have been anticipating higher inflation. The fact that price increases remained relatively small was a perplexing mystery. Then, last week, inflation increased faster than expected. The … Read More

Here’s Another Reason To Like Emerging Markets

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The MSCI Emerging Markets Index was up more than 30 percent year-to-date late last week, outperforming national indices in most developed nations. (Remember, past performance is no indication of future results.) There may be more to like about emerging markets … Read More

Are You Concerned About Human Obsolescence?

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Researchers from the University of Oxford and Yale University asked experts at several artificial intelligence (AI) conferences how long it would be before machines became better than humans at various tasks. The answers weren’t encouraging. Overall, researchers think there is … Read More

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